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Terms of Service

By ordering artwork from me, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the short terms on this page. It's simple:

1. I reserve the right to back out of or refuse a project if I am uncomfortable with the subject matter or related variables.

2. I will consider any subject matter or content on a case-by case basis. Feel free to approach me with any ideas, even sensitive ones (nsfw, for example) but please understand if I decline out of discomfort or legal reasoning.

3. All commissions listed on my price page are for personal/private use only. Use in print or web OTHER than for personal/private use (i.e., for public events, commercial use, your book you plan to print, etc.) requires additional fees that can be discussed upon order and/or completion of the order.

4. Large contract projects may not adhere to the prices listed on my price page. Please contact me for prices in regards to anything large-scale or commercial in nature.

If you agree to these terms, email me to order!

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