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-- Privacy Policy -- makes use of the following data-collection tools. Under no circumstances do I give or sell any information to a third party. Your data is safe with me.

Why do I do this? This is a passion, and I want you to enjoy it, too. By tracking visitors, I can tailor your experience, my site, and my outreach to best fit your interests. Any cookie-based data collection can be opted out with the security settings found within most browsers. Please note that the cookies I use do not contain any personal data.

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-- Email Subscribers --

Subscribing to the email list gives me your permission to send ONLY information relevant to and the creations I make within. I will send monthly newsletters highlighting the many projects I work on, as well as special updates, offers, and gifts to my subscribers.

To unsubscribe, simply click on an Unsubscribe link in the bottom of any email you receive from me or let me know directly.

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