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Yep, that's right! Son of the Philosopher is getting a remake. You can still (and always will be able to) read the original here.

Why a remake? Well, SotP is undoubtedly my biggest and most successful project, ending at over 400 pages. When I started work on SotP, I didn't know much about what I was doing and in the end none of the pages were printable. As I like to promote my work at shows and conventions, I want a physical, hand-held book to show. It also gives me a chance to update very old art, design, plot, and layout mistakes.

There is no posting schedule for the new Son of the Philosopher. Pages will be posted randomly as I complete them. However, my Patrons ($1/month minimum) will get to stay a constant 1 page ahead of the public.

Hope you enjoy! The pages available start here.

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