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My name is Chelsea Mann, and I am a freelance illustrator based in the midwest. I attended the University of Kansas School of Design and graduated in 2014 with a BA in Illustration & Animation.

My artistic interests include concept art, character design, cover and narrative illustration, and comics, and media ranges from digital to watercolor and oil paint, or a mix. I find the greatest enjoyment in finding and creating atmosphere, developing worlds and characters, and telling stories with my artwork with the goal of impacting the lives and emotions of viewers.

Much of my freelance experience has come in the form of private commissions. I have done work for some independent projects:

When possible I attend comic and fantasy conventions as a part of the Artist Alley. I am the author and illustrator of Son of the Philosopher, a 400-page webcomic completed in October 2014, and more recently, of the first installment of many short stories, St. Martin Song.

Currently, I work part-time jobs to support my passion and hope to one day be able to support myself more as a freelance artist. I am also preparing to venture into the mainstream comic retail business, with a twist: tarantulas!

I am available for contract work all the time, so feel free to contact me!

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